Surfers heading to Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives will have a direct access to the iconic Kandooma Right; located in front of our resort. Attracting surfers from around the world, this fun, hollow right is one of the best breaks in the Maldives. The resort offers exclusive surf packages for surfers during the peak surf season between April and October, when it is mandatory that surf passes are pre-booked in advance. Surf lessons and surf coaching is also available with one of the resident surf guides. Beginners can learn to surf in safe conditions, supervised by our resident certified surf instructors. Surfing photo and video packages are available upon request.

For more information about surfing at Kandooma and purchasing the surf passes or the surf packages, please contact

We have a range of surf courses to cater for every level of surfer. Find out more about our Surfing Courses.

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