1 Surfing with Steve: Surf Travel in the Maldives

I first came to the Maldives almost 20 years ago and whilst some things have changed since then, one thing hasn’t, and it’s the reason I keep coming back here to surf each year! The water temp is still 27 degrees, the ocean is still crystal clear and the Maldives is still paradise. Surfing is

2 Island Wellness Diaries: Meditation

3 Island Wellness Diaries: An Intro to Lifelong Healthy Habits

4 Find your halal holidays in the Maldives

5 Rekindling your romance #HereAtKandooma

6 Surf Music in Paradise 2020

7 How to stay festive in the Maldives

8 Here’s why surfing in the Maldives is such a big deal.

9 Take your family to the Maldives!

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